November 26th-30th

Monday morning we met at Senco and had a guest speaker named Curtis White come in and talk with us. Curtis was in year one of the CEO class. He markets for Rosati's for many different locations. Curtis's number one recommendation for marketing is Facebook.. He recommends giving out at least one prize every week to keep customers interested and help get the word out about the company! Aside from being a college student and marketing for Rosati’s he also runs his own business! Curtis finds vintage clothing and resales it online. We learned his secret to how he is so successful at it but we will keep that one to ourselves! The whole day was so much fun and so interesting we are all thankful he was able to come in a talk with us.

Tuesday we met at Marathon and got to learn about Mars Rover. We were split up into two different teams and we played against each other. We went up to a table in the front and got a card to read and we had to do what that card said. We could not have any help from our team members and had to do it on our own. We tried to build our own Mars Rover and had to keep track of each part we used so that we could calculate the cost of what it would be to build it. Lets just say it is not cheap! The second round of our experience we were able to all get together with our team and try to come up with a Mars Rover and meet all of the criteria. Our teams came up with some very unique and interesting designs. Overall we learned about how important communication really is. In the first round you could not ask for help and well we basically did not do so great. They did not move and did not meet the criteria wanted and we just kind of sat there and tried to wing it. Now on the second round we all got to communicate with each other and the process went a lot smoother and both teams got their Mars Rover moving and met most of the criteria! Today was a very fun and educational day!

Wednesday was a class day and we met at Senco. We watched a short video to kick off the class day. We were able to call some investors and thank them! We then split up into our groups and assigned some things and got our thank yous wrote down and started the newsletter for this week.

Thursday morning we met at Senco and had Jerry Lawhead come in and speak with us. We first watched a video about 20 habits to have to be a successful person. Then Jerry had some great exercises he shared with us. He told us to think of something that makes us really sad. He then demonstrated how our posture changed. Next he told us to think of something that makes us really happy. Once again our postures changed but for the better. We had our shoulders back and a smile on our face and we just had joy in the air. We learned so much valuable information this day it was definitely something we can all use in our future!

Friday was a class day and we met at Senco. We had Mr. Hickey come in as our instructor. As a class we split up into our groups and worked on our class business. Throughout the class day we also worked on our newsletter, got our thank you cards sent, and worked onour journals. We decided to do a secret santa and we all drew names to buy a gift for them. Some of us got to call and thank an investor as well!

Once again it was an extremely successful week, and we are all thankful for the opportunities given to us.

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