We started this week on Tuesday due to Monday being President's Day. We met at Bill Burke's Auction and Realty to to talk about how the class business went. We discussed a couple main topics, being marketing and preparation. As a class, we felt we should have done more marketing for our Comedy Night, and we might have a little better preparation. Other than some minor setbacks we had fun Saturday and we hope everyone who attended enjoyed the show!

Wednesday, Lisa Schaefer, executive director of the Robinson Chamber of Commerce, come in and speak with us. She taught us about the importance of branding and how marketing can make or break your business. Some of us students particularly enjoyed the discussion about branding. Hopefully, we all have a better understanding of logos, brand building, and marketing when it comes to small businesses and corporations alike.

Thursday we had a site visit at Robinson Sew and Vac. Our speaker was Trish Gower, the sales manager/educator. She taught us about how important it is to engage your customers and keep them coming back. She also taught us some tactful ways to market to your customers. Then at the end of class we joined her in a Facebook live video where we introduced ourselves and talked about our individual businesses. We learned so much from her and some of us agree that this was a very strong visit.

Friday we discussed the pros and cons, and the ups and downs of our class business. We were visited by board members Troy Hickey, Koert Mehler, and Rich Johnson to pinpoint some key aspects of our Comedy Night. We all agreed it was a fun and successful night! There is always room for improvement, and with these ideas in mind we are ready to get started with our individual businesses.

Overall, this week was a little busy, but full of learning opportunities. With the stress of our class business out of the way, we're ready to face our individual businesses!

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