This past week was our last full week of CEO.
We started off with Monday being a work day to get prepared for our trade show. We folded some table toppers and sent out flyers. Some students spoke for civic interest to talk about the show a little.
Tuesday was another day to prepare for the show. We talked as a group about what tools or supplies we may need to bring, and any last big moves to make. Most of us were pretty nervous, but we all knew it would work out great in the end.
Wednesday was the day of the trade show. We met at the Robinson Community Center and went straight to work setting up our booths. Speaking amongst each other, we realized that a lot of us really weren't that worried. Of course we were hoping for the best, but we were all prepared and ready for the evening. Some students stayed longer to set up more elaborate booths while some went back to school. Later that evening it was finally time for the show. All of our booths looked amazing and we all did a fantastic job at explaining our services/products. This was the day we had all been working so hard for. Every site visit, every class day, and every visitor built up to this evening, and it couldn't have gone better.
We spent Thursday discussing the trade show with some CEO board members. We spoke a lot about how we could've improved, how we thought we did, if we were prepared, etc. Of course there is always room for improvement, but we all had felt so successful in our businesses.
Friday was our last normal class day. We cleaned up the cabinets at Senco, talked about the ups and downs of the year, announced the raffle winners, and we wore casual attire.
Monday will be our last day. This class has taught all of us more than just how to run a business. We learned how to work as a team, present ourselves professionally, we learned communication skills, public speaking skills, accountability, responsibility, and so much more. We all came into this class not exactly knowing what to expect. We all clung to the people we knew, some of us scared of what this class would bring. I'm sure most of us at the time couldn't fathom going on the radio, calling important business figures, speaking on a stage with hundreds of people watching, or owning our own business. Over time we grew together, becoming stronger and more confident in ourselves. We all became friends, even best friends, forming our own kind of business family. We would like to give a special thanks to everyone who supported us.
Thank you to our friends, families, mentors, investors, board members, everyone who sponsored any of our events, everyone who took the time to speak with us, and a very special thanks to our facilitator, John Ireland, for always being patient and taking the time to help us learn. This was a great year!

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We will be going live at 8:30 am for our trade show drawings!

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