Monday was January 27, and to start off our week Dave Hasty came into our class to give us pointers on Basket Binga and to inform us about his business. With his help, we were about to plan, schedule, and prepare ourselves for the big event that is our class business which will be Basket Binga at the Robinson Community Center on March 7! Our class hopes to see a whole crowd of familiar and new faces there supporting the students.

Tuesday was January 28, and our class traveled back over to Marathon to present our favorite topics to Dan Dix and Bryant Barbee. There, we learned to improve our communication skills to further help us down the line when speaking or presenting! We discovered that when discussing a topic you are passionate about, you tend to be more comfortable with your crowd no matter the size. Some topics that the students brought up were; Salem witch trials, traveling, dinosaurs, and scouts.

Wednesday was January 29, our class ventured to Barry Callebaut, a chocolate producer! There, our class learned the three different employees there are and which ones you would prefer to have in your company. The first is an employee who is passionate about the company and loves being there and loves what they do. Second, an employee who might not be as passionate but still gets their job done correctly. Third, is someone who brings down the company and hardly does their work. The class had a bunch of fun sampling the products and viewing how the chocolate is made! The company is very spirited when creating their products, a lot of care and precision goes into their chocolate!

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