Brandon Lambert

About Me

My name is Brandon Lambert and I am a 18 year old senior at Robinson High School. I am a 7 year member of our American Legion and going on 2 years as a volunteer firefighter here in Robinson. For the last two summers I have been an employee at Consolidated Concrete Construction company. Working there has tought me dozens of life lessons like being reliable, communicating with others, and to stay busy and use time wisely. During school I am employed at our local KFC as a night shift leader. Outside of school and work I love to spend my time with my friends and family. My hobbies include hunting, listening to music, and 4 wheeler riding. I wanted to join the CEO class to become a better communicator and better myself when working with others. My occupational future includes me joining the military for the full 20 years. Once i complete that I am going to apply for a Illinois State trooper. I hope and feel that CEO program will make me stronger as a person and put me where I need to be for the future.