Madison Adams

About Me

I am a Senior at RHS in Robinson, IL where I'll graduate in 2021.  I am the youngest of my family which consists of my mother, father, and older sister.  I enjoy my time outside of CEO by playing sports.  These sports include Tennis and Track and Field for school but I also play Basketball, Volleyball, and sometimes Football just for fun.  After high school I intend to go to a university where I'll study Animal Behavior/Ethology and keep doing my photography business ,which I'll officially start in CEO, in my free time.  






DISC Characteristics

  • • Your approach tends to be forceful and very direct. • You are always interested in the new, the innovative, and the cutting-edge ideas. • You are a very strong self-starter who always seems to have a high sense of urgency. • You demand high levels of results or performance, in both yourself and in others. • You are direct in your communications, no ambiguities. • Sometimes you become argumentative, even when you don't mean to be or notice that you are.
  • You are able to persuade others in a convincing manner when necessary. • For really important tasks, you may prefer to work alone without too much involvement from others. • Your amicable approach means you may be hard to really "read." • You can easily interact with others. • You are able to balance working alone and working in a group very easily. • You sincerely like to support and work with others.
  • You bring a high sense of loyalty to the rules and regulations that govern projects, people, and processes. • You may be slow to accept changes or let go of the old ways of doing things. • You strongly prefer a workplace with a sincere, personal, and agreeable environment with little hostility. • You are very patient. • You're a very good team player. • Increasing your sense of urgency could benefit your performance in many instances
  • You may be perceived as being non-committal by some when it comes to deciding on how to proceed. • To you, the end usually justifies the means. • You like taking your own way to the results. • You prefer to act as your "own person" rather than follow the norm. • While you appreciate a need for procedures and protocol, you also understand they must be practical and directly support results. • You are practical and realistic.