Tricszjha Escanela

About Me

Hi, I’m Tricszjha Rose Escanela but you can call me Yszjha. I’m from the Philippines and just moved here in January of 2017. I’m in senior high school at Robinson High School. I do my best and keep my grades high as much as possible. My hobbies are tennis, photography, and reading books. I prefer staying indoors and also I like to spend time with my family and friends. 






DISC Characteristics

  • • You prefer a work environment that is not too pressured or filled with constant change. • You can be very modest in dealing with others. • You like to think things through before acting. • Sometimes you demand too much of yourself. • You are usually very supportive of decisions made by others on the team. • Under high pressure, you may become somewhat indecisive or resistant to making a very quick decision.
  • • You tend to be quite reserved, choosing to keep your opinions to yourself. • You are reluctant to share your opinions and ideas with others you don't know well. • You can be suspicious of fast and loud-talking people. You need to warm up to them before extending your trust level. • You are encouraged to open up a bit more to others and take a stand on important issues. • You tend to be quiet at team meetings or when meeting new people for the first time. • Some may incorrectly perceive you as self-conscious because of your quietness around new people or in new environments.
  • You are very predictable, in a good way. You're always there, ready to pitch in, and complete the assignment. • You desire a high level of structure and order. • You are very loyal when it comes to existing operating procedures. • Increasing your sense of urgency could benefit your performance significantly. • You possess excellent listening skills – some of the best. • You prefer an environment that allows for lots of consistency, dependability and structure
  • You are very systematic and like to analyze details to accomplish a process correctly. • You prefer a more conventional approach when possible (e.g., "If it isn't broken, don't fix it"). • You like things to be done the "right" way according to standard operating procedure. • You tend to approach new ideas and directions with skepticism and caution. • "Rules are made to be followed." • You can express your disagreement in a passive-aggressive way.