September 3 -September 7
Our weekly events

On Monday, we, unfortunately, did not have class due to Labor Day. Although, on Tuesday we were back in full steam as we entered the week. We worked on our shirts, name-tags, and our nameplates.
Alex Pleasant came to visit us on Wednesday and he talked about his experience in counseling others who had plans or have plans to start and maintain a business. Our class was very interactive with Alex and he was able to answer our questions with accuracy and speed.
On Thursday, Kate Pleasant visited us and she helped us go over our DISC profile. Kate split us up into four groups based off of what we scored on the test. We were able to figure out what characteristics everyone had and how these different characteristics work together to help everybody reach a common goal. We definitely had an amazing experience. It was very interesting to see where we all fit in a group. Friday was a day where we discussed the plan for our I.D. cards, lanyards, nameplates, and wrote out thank you cards to the businesses we have visited and our visitors.
We had an amazing week! This class cannot wait for the new upcoming week.

Special thanks to:
Alex Pleasant
Kate Pleasant
Thank you for speaking with us.

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