September 10-14
Weekly Events

Monday was a work day for CEO this week. We began discussion of our class business and began finalizing the details for our shirts, nameplates and nametags. Andrew Epperson came in to speak with us on Tuesday. Mr. Epperson spoke to us about what it takes and how to become successful. He had given us an abundance of knowledge and we are greatly appreciative for this opportunity. Wednesday was another guest speaker day when Jason Sutfin arrived and began to teach us about investments, stocks, and bonds. I can honestly say that every one of our students have learned something about investments and the impact those investments can have on a successful business. Thursday brought us together with Amy Tarr. Amy was extremely excited to establish herself amongst us and get to know us all, we discussed our future plans with her as well as our individual plans. She helped us and seemed greatly excited for the future when she could hopefully see these ideas become reality. Friday was another work day for us where we developed our weekly journal entry as we as began other projects. This week has given us more tools to work with for the development of our future and we can’t wait to see the finished product.

Special Thanks to…
Andrew Epperson
Jason Sutfin
Amy Tarr

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