January 14 - 18

The CEO class has had a big week! We made lots of advancements for our Comedian Night on February 16! We are excited for it and hope to see you all there!

Monday- We had a very successful day today at First Robinson Savings Bank! Our tickets were distributed out today to all of us students. The discussion today was about how to keep track on what tickets are being sold and how many seats that need to be set off for our sponsors. Also, we continued the mentor process by picking our top 5 mentors. Our mentors should be matched up with one of us students by this Thursday!

Tuesday- A big thanks to Empty Pockets Creations in Palestine for letting us come out to their place today and talk to them. While at Empty Pockets we talked about how they run their business with few people and still manage to get things done and stay stable. Talking to Angie and Holly we learned many things we will use with our class business, personal business, and later in life. Being our caters for the Comedian Night, they decided to make us some breakfast and it was amazing! We ate delicious biscuits and gravy, along with coffee cake, and fruit on the side! Come give Empty Pockets a try for yourself at our Comedian Night!

Wednesday- In the middle of our week, we listened to a presentation by Barret Von Behren. He showed us what Marathon produces, where they get materials to make their product, and Barret also showed us different pipelines that spread throughout the United States.

Thursday- Our class had a class day at Marathon, and we worked on many things. We worked on getting more sponsors for our Comedian Night, updated our seating chart at the theatre in LTC. We also discussed what else needs to be done with our event and how to do it.

Friday- On the final day of the week we took a tour on a Highland Church of Christ bus around Marathon Petroleum Company. After the tour we went back to our classroom and talked about things that we need to do as a class over the weekend. Very good week for us, we can’t wait to see what happens next week!

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