January 28-February 1, 2019

(1/28)-On Monday we had the privilege of visiting Tempco Products. Not many of us knew a lot about window manufacturing so this was definitely a day full of learning. We talked with Steve McGahey, the president of Tempco, about all the different types of windows they make. It was so interesting to hear how they market, sell, and make all the windows.

(1/29)-Tuesday was the very first day we met at Dana Inc. After we got settled in our new home for this quarter we had some very good discussions. We talked about finalizing our table toppers, a new ticket system, and contacted our opening act! We set many goals on Tuesday and we can’t wait to achieve them!

(1/30)- Class was not in session today due to school being cancelled!

(1/31)-Thursday we met at Dana and spoke with Rick Hamilton from Weber’s Insurance and Realty. He went over all the possible types of insurance we might need for our event. We definitely learned a lot from speaking with him. While he was there he also spoke with us about his time at Weber’s. He has been in this business for 32 years and you can tell he really loved it and knew what he was talking about. Rick really helped us get traction throughout this crazy process. We now know what we need to do and who we need to talk to get all of our information.

(2/1)- On Friday we spoke with Chris Ford who works for LTC as their marketing manager. He went over all the things the college could help us with and how to get into contact with people. He was very helpful on teaching us some better ways to advertise our Comedy Night. We gained so much knowledge and new ideas when we spoke with him and we are ready to put those in action. We also had a group of students go out into the community and place all of our table toppers at some local restaurants.

Although this week was cut short a day due to extreme temperatures, we did get a lot of things done. We are so excited about our upcoming event and hope to see all of you there!

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