The last week before our class business, the CEO Comedian Night, was pretty stressful for the class but we pulled through and made the event fun for all of the participants! On Monday we had a work day where we tied up some loose ends. We started by rewatching the portions of the Craig Lindvahl live stream that we missed last Monday. After that we split up to tackle multiple tasks at once like delivering tickets and collecting payments, getting online ticket sales sorted and set up for the will call table at the event, and other little things that needed to get done before Saturday.

Tuesday we started looking into our individual businesses and what we would need to know to be successful with them. AnneMarie Hopkins came in to teach us about a breakeven analysis. There is so much information to take into consideration for running your own business, but once she taught us how the breakeven analysis worked it made one very crucial step in running a business much easier, and developing the price of your product or service.

Another work day on Wednesday filled with plans for which groups will be working what sections for the event, counting dinner ticket sales to ensure the caterers make enough food, drawing winners for our ticket giveaways, and the designing of our programs and slideshow for our sponsors.

More personal business essentials on Thursday with Barney Brumfiel where he explained his excel document that he designed to help with developing prices and other information that are important. He taught us about the 3 P’s and defined contingency and working capital. He ran through some examples of our businesses with his excel sheet and showed us exactly how to use it.

Friday was our last full day to pull everything together and present to the community. We sent out Facebook posts letting people know that the dinner tickets were sold out, reminding others the times for the dinner and the show, and a post about our event sponsors that made it possible for us to host the event. A final count on our ticket sales to update our finance spreadsheet and the collecting of tickets from sales locations was also conducted. Last minute confirmations and follow-ups were made to help keep us at ease and we felt ready to give our community a good show.

We want to give our community, event sponsors, class investors, comedians, and caterers one more big thank you for making our Comedian Night possible and so much fun for all! It could not have happened without you all! Thank you for all of the support!

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