Monday was the first day of our shark tank presentations. The first day was probably the most stressful, considering the first students to go were not sure about how much critiquing the sharks might do or how to answer the questions that would be asked. However, the sharks turned out to be very supportive and very helpful. While the students presented their businesses, the rest of the class spent their time adjusting their business plans and business presentations.

Tuesday, Shark tank presentations were still being continued. The sharks were all very supportive and asked us questions, revolving around our businesses. They asked questions such as what are our prices, how will we break even, what is going to be our marketing strategies? All questions were very helpful and will ultimately help us break everything down to the smallest detail.

Wednesday was the final day of the shark tank and overall, it went very well. As a class, we were really stressed about it. We wondered if we would present well enough, or if we would miss something. Of course, the nerves kicked in and so did a million thoughts of everything that could go wrong. Thankfully, everything went nicely and classmates that had presented said that there was nothing that we should’ve worried about.

Thursday we started off today with a brief overview of the shark tank presentations. We talked about things that we thought went right, things that went wrong, or things that could be changed or improved. Questions and advice that was given to us will be taken as we continue to pursue our business careers. We wrapped up the pros and cons of the Shark Tank and watched a video of Craig. Craig told us to always stay driven, and no matter how many times you face a setback, to work as hard as you can to stand back up stronger than ever.

On Friday, with Shark Tank over, we had time to shift focus onto things we have to catch up on. We caught up on thank you letters because they show so much appreciation and gratitude towards people who had taken the time out of their day to talk to us. An event page was created to update on upcoming events and our spring sale. The spring sale is held at Flying S, on April 12th. The Spring Sale is going to give us a feeling of what it will be like to attend and sell at a tradeshow.

Overall this week was a challenge but there was so much to learn. We are all looking forward to showing you what we have to offer! Special thanks to our sharks, Heather Cooper, Esther Cha, Andy Corn, Kent Thomas, Jerry Devonshire, Mike Kraemer, Dr. John Sharma, Dr. Todd Hoagland, and Penny Shaw!

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