Class was not in session due to Easter Break! We all hope each and everyone of you had an amazing Easter!

Today the class met at Crawford Memorial Hospital. We started the day off with a tour from Becky Ruppel. We learned about the newly updated departments and to learn even more about our local hospital. CMH has such an updated and modern facility and are still working everyday to make it even just a little bit better. After our tour, we met with CEO Doug Florkowski, and told us the business side of CMH. The passion Doug has for the hospital is amazing! Doug works so hard to make the hospital the best place that it can be. We gained a lot of information from Doug today and we all hope to one day be successful entrepreneurs like he is. A big thank you to CMH for letting us learn a little more about them!

We had the honor of talking with Michael Correll today. Michael is from Midwest Transport Inc. and we all really enjoyed talking with him. Michael gave us a lot of knowledge about having a successful business and talking about expenses. He provided us with a good layout of how to work out our numbers and what possibly could be some of our major expenses. Our favorite part about Michael was he is such a high spirited guy and made talking numbers somewhat more enjoyable! One big thing about Michael is you can see how well he enjoys his job. Michael was such a good speaker and made us all feel really welcome. We are so glad he took time out of his day to talk with us!

MENTOR DAY! Today we met at Marathon for another mentor day. We had a lot to discuss, but mostly worked on discussing our trade show! Our trade show is coming up very quickly! We appreciate our mentors, because it is always good to have some advice on some of are more stressful topics. Today was a good day to just talk about ideas, financials, our products, etc. The help of our mentors is very beneficial! So another big thanks for our mentors coming today and helping us out!

Today the Crawford County CEO students took a visit to Crawford County Humane Society. We got the chance to interact with the dogs and it was such a great time! We love what Debbie Dix is doing and the kindness she shares with her animals. With the limited funds the Humane Society has, Debbie does everything she can to make sure they are able to live comfortably and happy until they find their forever home. Thank you for letting us visit your facility Debbie!

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