Monday was February 3rd, and although we didn't have a guest come in or a site visit, we still discussed as a class different prizes we can add at our Basket Binga! Some businesses are Mullens in Palestine, Village poppers in Oblong, Edward Jones In Robinson, and more!

Tuesday was February 4th, which was another class day for us at DANA in Robinson. We discussed rules such as "early bird gets the worm", not to overcharge, and what food to serve at our business! We are hoping to have choices that many will enjoy, and choices that will not cause a mess when eating.

Wednesday was February 5th, our class visited Bunker Hill Supply and spoke with Robin Guyer and Les Mason! There, we learned that customer service is KEY! It is everything to make sure your customers are happy and satisfied with their service, otherwise that will cost you in the long run. One mistake can make a quarter of a million difference. They have other locations besides Hutsonville, Paris, Annapolis, and west union. Bunker Hill is also a family owned business, it all started with Robin's father buying out a seed store almost 50 years ago! Now, it is a successful company that provides all the help that farmers require to farm their acreage..

Thursday February 6th, Mike Lowe with WTHI filmed 4 students from our class for a commercial which was sponsored by Fiirst Robinson Savings Bank. Koert Mehler, and Harlei Postlewait joined us to show support towards our class! We had small segments, but were more than able to explain what our small community does for our class and what you can do as a member of Crawford county CEO can do to show appreciation! The commercial will be aired February 17th, 5 times a day 5 times a week! So tune into channel 10 and see our faces!

Friday February 7th, an past palestine graduate from 2013 came to our class to inform us what his profession is after leaving Crawford County. REG's Matt Schmidlin traveled all the way from Missouri to present to our class and LTC about his career as a Project Engineer for Renewable Energy! We learned that REG is the largest cleaning fuel industry, and they have been providing cleaner fuel since 1998! They are 1# in Northern America, for using recycled oil to make products such as Biodiesel, cologne ingredients, and many other perfumes. Companies like the one he works for, are a great step to providing less waste and more renewable by-products!

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