Crawford County CEO will continue throughout the next couple of weeks while not meeting in a group setting but in a remote meeting setting. We will be utilizing internet based meeting software that will allow students to work together, share ideas, present and allow instruction of business development as we prepare for our business plans, virtual site meetings and trade show.

We will kick off our first virtual tour with Monical's restaurant in Robinson.
Owner Vince Mickey will be talking with CEO students as well as doing a walk through live site visit. It will be the first time of doing this and we are all looking forward to adapting to a new learning style being presented to us.
Students will be able to not only hear Vince but watch as we move around different areas of the restaurant. There will be opportunities for questions and answers as well. We will report back how things went. Meeting time is tomorrow (Tuesday at 10 am).

We want to thank Vince in advance for being the first business to allow us to utilize this technology!

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