Curtis Richey

About Me

My name is Curtis Richey I am a certified lifeguard, a certified eagle scout, and a baseball player. I like to go cycling, camping, hiking, gaming, and hang out with my friends. I wanted to join CEO to learn more about business opportunities and to get out of my comfort zone a little more than usual. 






DISC Characteristics

  • Sometimes you demand too much of yourself. • You like to think things through before acting. • You can be very modest in dealing with others. • You are quite self-critical of yourself and demand a lot out of yourself. • You are usually very supportive of decisions made by others on the team. • Under high pressure, you may become somewhat indecisive or resistant to making a very quick decision.
  • • You appreciate an open-door policy with both peers and supervisors. • You present yourself in a poised manner to both small or large groups of people. • You can be an effective coach or counselor for others. • You could be a bit more organized and attentive to details. • You tend to be generous with your time in helping others. • You prefer working in a social environment rather than one that is remote or isolated.
  • • You tend to be a calming influence on those with whom you work. • You serve to stabilize others on a team who are perhaps too maverick. • You believe rules exist for a reason. • You don't like rocking the boat unless you absolutely have to. • You are generally known as steadfast and dependable. • You prefer to have sufficient clarification of policy or tasks before proceeding, so as to avoid mistakes.
  • You are a very good critical thinker in the problem-solving context. • You are sensitive to high quality control and have a need for accuracy. • You really like to get things done correctly the first time. • You like to keep a neat and clean workplace. • Your approach to working with others is usually tactful and respectful. • Your approach to brand new ideas and change is one of caution and careful consideration.